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House renovations and garden designs

Die Arbeiten von Dominique Sanson  kannst du verfolgen auf:
Instagram: @dominique_sanson
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And here the original English version of the interview between Chris and Dominique:
Dominique Sanson is a French born artist and philosopher who lives and works in Ibiza. 
We met a couple of times briefly years ago during family picknicks and birthday parties in Ibiza as our daughters where the same age. 

Recently was living in a house near Cala Pada where I saw some of your Ibiza releatd paintings on the walls. I was highly inspired and dived into your amazing art and work. 

Tell us a bit about your Ibiza story, when and why did you came?
Dominique Sanson: I came to Ibiza in 1971 for a 15 day holiday, but decided to stay as I chanced to meet, in the Old Town a band of French musicians I used to rehearse  with in Paris.

My background was bourgeois and very straight.  Suddenly, I was playing in public at the local discotheque (Lola´s) and private parties.  The girls came with it!  

The extraordinary beauty of the island and beachlife changed my values.

Your art is deeply connected to ibiza, mysticism and beautiful females. Do you use models for painiting or how to you work?
Dominique Sanson: When I was young, beautiful women came to visit and model. Getting older, they stopped coming by!  

Recently arrived on the island I fortunate enough to make contact with a Sufi group which expanded my limited grasp on life. I also came across a copy of the book ¨Le Matin de Magiciens¨ by Pauwells & Bergier, which opened new thinking dimensions.  I read many other books and LSD was around!

You are stepping up with your painting to preserve the historic culture of ibiza and Formentera. How did that idea evolved?
Dominique Sanson: 50 years ago the countryside of the island was still largely living in the past (almost the 17th Century).  You could feel history in the old fincas, stone terraces, wells, norias, churches and others.  The peasants lived a simple life still rearing goats, sheep and chicken, ploughing by hand, travelling by horse and cart, using millennia old implements such as olive and wine presses, hand mills etc.  

At some point I thought I could add my grain of salt in capturing the culture and history of Ibiza, by painting what I saw and felt.

For this issue of our magazine the Meta Theme is “TRUTH”.
What role plays “truth“ in your art or way of living here in Ibiza? anay inputs on this?

Dominique Sanson: I try to be simple, saying what I think and doing what I say, avoiding lies and other delusions, especially to myself.  A base for the search of truth.

You can follow Dominique Sanson’s work on his personal Instagram   
Instagram: @dominique_sanson
or his website:

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