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Interview auf Englisch/here the English interview:

“It´s a Family Thing”

Juri Menicucci is an Italian Dj and restaurant owner. “Well Husband, Father, A&R, Techno Label Owner, Radio Show Host, Jack of all trades… and I forgot I love to Surf in my spare time…!” Aha!
Chris and Juri, both had some shows together recently at a festival on Hippie Hill and Juri was not just playing a super DJ set but he was also organizing the technical situation of the venue very professionally. A bit time to talk… 

What is your story, how and why did you come to Ibiza?
Juri Menicucci: Well I was born in a family restaurant business in Pescia,Italy and my passion was at the same time music. So I always ran two parallel careers (Djing, Producing, running a Techno Label, organizing events) on one side and Running F&B Venues on the other.
Later in 2014 I lived in Indonesia with my family. When we were searching for a new home and base we came to Ibiza and fell in love with the place… and now together we run what we call America Productions SL a one-stop shop for all your F&B Events and Music Events of all types… We bring the party to you!

You are running a restaurant here, Tell us about it.
Juri Menicucci: Yes, again is a family affair… my wife Francesca, and our daughters Zoe and Michelle, are the rocks behind the Business. The Restaurant is called America and is situated 5 meters from the beach of Figueretas just a few minute’s walk from Ibiza Town Centre.
We offer the freshest ingredients from the land and sea in what could be described as Modern Italian with an Asian twist, this was our first season and we already rank number 9 on Tripadvisor, we are proud of it.
We also run an Art Gallery within the Restaurant curated by Dino Cortiana so the restaurant decor is continuously changing and evolving.

How would you describe your DJ style and where can we see you play? What Clubs are cool?
Juri Menicucci: Well my style could be described as very energetic, razor-sharp with 3 decks mixing, layering sound scapes 1 after another, Deep Desert Afro Melodic Techno or something like that … (laughing)
These days I don’t tour much (too busy with all other business) so I am always playing around the Ibiza Club Circuit and a few major Italian Venues like Club Chinois, Cova Santa, Elements… and Las Dalias, etc., etc.

Our meta-theme for this *Ibiza Live Report* issue is “ Dreaming “…
Do you listen to your dreams or have any dreams for Ibiza?
Juri Menicucci: As mentioned, I spent quite a few years living in Indonesia and there I learned about a more spiritual way of living and so yes I believe in messages given from your dreams.
We live in a very strange and scary period in time… my hope and dream for Ibiza is to try to keep the essence of the Island alive, where people from all genders and walks of life can come and mix no matter the colour or status we can all dance together.

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