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Weiter unten, nach dem englischen Original Interview, siehst du noch weitere faszinierende Fotos von ihren Projekten…

And here the original English version of the chat between Annabelle and Chris: 

Exhibiting a Fusion of Sophisticated Madness
Annabelle is a multifaceted artist with a great love for fantasy and intense passion for costume and performance. She was born in Ibiza into a family of artists that arrived to the island in the mid 1980s. She studied costume design and construction for theatre and film in the UK. 

Founder and director of ellebannA, Annabelle has created a Costume Performance ensemble that brings fantasy to life and takes you on a visual feast of surreal sculptural costumes, dance, music, silence, humour, and imagination. Step into the unknown and be open to bewilderment. 

Annabelle, you grew up here in Ibiza and could experience the nightlife with all its glammer and shows at first hand. Did this made any impact on your artistic life or view?
Annabelle: Ibiza definitely has been an inspiring platform to get my creative visions expressed and seen in different venues and private parties. This island is like a blank canvas, the perfect place to try out authentic ideas to see how they are received. Night life back in the day was a lot more extravagant then it is today, for sure I have been inspired by the high vibe and wild energy of ibiza town at night. Over all growing up here back in the day there was a big sense of freedom and acceptance, influenced by my bohemian parents, natural surroundings, hippy markets filled with authentic characters. I am sad to say, that I feel that there are less and less of these wild and wonderful authentic characters on the island, people are afraid to be different and stand out. I desire for us to revive the freedom of expression and celebrate our authenticity. I want to see the freak in you!

You have amazing performances to offer: Quantum, Entangled or Mischiefs. Tell us a bit about, how many people are part of this and who is producing the costumes? 
Annabelle: At the moment, I am the soul creator of ellebannA. I have the visions, then I design and construct all the costumes, after this I collaborate with other performers to define and choreograph the identity and symbolism of the created entity though movement, expression and music. It is the costume that becomes the performance, and the performance or the performer brings the costume or entity to life.

To me my costume performances represent different stages of life as well as life itself. With the intension of transporting audiences into an immersive experiences of highly inventive costumes and visual extravaganzas by fusing experimental dance, costume, art, music and fantasy. Playful yet mysterious, ellebannA shows evoke deep emotion and bewilderment, reactivating imaginations and merging the lines between fantasy and reality. 

QUANTUM for example is an award winning entity chosen for the Cirque du Soleil Artisan Award in the 2018 World of Wearable Art competition in New Zealand. QUANTUM represents connexion and the creation of life. QUANTUM is exactly that what we don’t see, it is the mystery that lies between you and me, it is that interconnecting particle that fill this space, binding us in unity. 

The MISCHIEFs personify adolescence, the inner child that comes out to play, to be curious, mischievous, jolly, unearthly and a little bit odd, captivated and spacing out with the simple things. Embodying the mischiefs is like a therapy, reigniting and giving permission to express your inner child. 

ENTANGLED symbolises the darker stages of life, when traumas are faced and emotions become entangled and intertwined, shadows overcasting the light, fragility of life is experienced.  

All of my costumes are body sculptures that restrict and influences body movement in some kind of way. Most of my current creations are made of lycra and inflatables, I have also used hard materials such as aluminium and plastic as well as recycled materials which is a lot of fun. 

You are beeing booked with your shows at Cova Santa´s WooMoon, worked with the german artist Rico Loop, where else can we find you? Any shows coming up?
Annabelle: ellebannAs first official gig was in Heart part of Acid Sunday party then also took part of WooMoon collaborating with Ritual as well as being booked for many private villa parties and events. Since then ellebannA has been internationally celebrated, appearing in major festivals, events and exhibitions around the world. 

Just before the pandemic in 2020 ellebannA created her first theatre production together with the help of her partner in crime Marina Serna Path insta: @brisamarinamov called YOU in ME. This production was part of a group exhibition curated by Diego Alonso @mondogaleria presented in the ‚Centro cultural de Jesús‘, Ibiza, a carefully selected ensamble of incredibly talented artists creating an exclusive visual extravaganza of highly inventive costumes, impact felt performance, live music and engaging visuals. I was very excited to also have Rico Loop (@ricoloop) on board, who acted as a one man orchestra with his loop station throughout the 40min production. Since then ellebannA went on hold, finally ellebannA is back on tract and is ready to showcase YOU in ME across Europe at theatre festivals in 2023. 

What is your main motivation to do what you do? Where do you get your inspiration ? 
Annabelle: As an artist I do many things and have many different set intentions. 

My main motivation for ellebannA is to take people out of this man made toxic reality we call society, and transport them into a parallel dimension where fantasy comes to life, a mysterious playful Wonder World where curiosity is evoked and true emotions are invited in, a safe space is created where the struggles of life can be forgotten for a moment and our child like selves embraced.

I am also part of a collaborative project called @Aguascopio together with Liz @liz.kueneke and Tasya @tasyamenaker, we are creating drone videos of Ibizas beautiful nature and synchronise swimming with costumes. Our motivation is to get out in nature and share its infinite beauty from up close as from up high with the intension to emphasise our devotion and the care that our planes and out seas and oceans need from humanity. 

My project Though the Open Stages I host, a safe platform is created for people to challenge themselves to share and shine the artist within them, a stage where your inner freak, shadow and light is invited in. 

As an Ibicenca :), what would you wish for Ibiza to change or remain?
Annabelle: Nice question! I would wish for Ibiza the simplicity to come, the authentic freaks that made the islands charm to appear and the bumpy caminos to come back, I am also ok with the tunnels, highway, speed bumps disappearing and roundabouts. Despite all the changes on the island thankfully the essence of Ibiza still remains however with a different fragrance. For good and for bad change is inevitable. I am still in love with my home.    

(You can follow ellebannA´s work at her personal Instagram @ellebanna_art or her website: and youtube: 

And some beautiful new images from Liz Kuenekes Aguascopio art collective with ellebannA.
Check out their instagram to see videos as well! @aguascopio (s. auch in der März-Ausgabe (03/22) Ibiza Live Report bei Chris Zippel meets… Liz Kueneke. Wahnsinns Fotos!)


Drone Photography by Tasya Menaker
Costumes by Annabelle Ellebanna
Swimming by Ellebanna and Liz Kueneke

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