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IBIZA LIVE REPORT August ChrisZippel Ishantu

Hier geht’s zu Ishantus Musik – unbedingt reinhören – und weiter unten kannst du das Interview auch noch einmal auf Englisch lesen:

Neue Single „Leave in Love“:
Refrain: “I will never forget the way you love, and god knows the universe is big enough, for a love like ours to be home.”
Textzeile: “Golden hours of our time, may you follow into the light, Stormy weather I will always know the teacher in you”

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Zu ihrem ersten Album:

Zur Single „Needed You“:

Zur Single „Ghost in the kitchen“:

WOM Radio Café:

IBIZA LIVE REPORT August ChrisZippel Ishantu 02

Das Interview auf Englisch – her interview in English:
Ishantu is a Singer & Songwriter from Switzerland who just came to the island last year. Ishantu and I were introduced by my dear friend Liz Kueneke having dinner together. Later I was impressed when I visited her showcase at (WOM) Radio Cafe Ibiza (St. Eulalia), where she was performing her own songs and some beautiful covers like Tanita Tikaram’s “Twist In My Sobriety” or Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car”. 

Chris: After you settled down in Ibiza, I haven´t seen you for a while. What happened?
Ishantu: After a beautiful and exciting spring and fall in Ibiza, I planned to stay on the island through winter as well, but wasn’t ready for the humid cold on the island. I need a cozy and creative environment to be most productive, so I decided to follow the warm sun to somewhere else. 

You made a detour to Los Angeles for the winter. How did that come about?
I ended up in Los Angeles, where a good friend of mine lives. From January until June, I worked with different producers and musicians to record and finish a collaboration and three of my new songs. I’m very happy with the results, my first single “Leave in Love” is already out and the second song will be released on August 19th. 

So far you’ve been recording your music yourself. What’s different now ? How do you work? 
For my first album, I decided to work with a producer. My follow up single “Needed You“ is a collaboration with a pianist. During the first year of the pandemic I recorded, produced, and mixed the single “Ghost in the Kitchen“ myself. I think it’s good to know I can do it all by myself, and yet it’s also a great experience to work with a producer who understands your art.

Do you divide your time between different countries?  
It happened to be that way, yes. I am not opposed to staying in one place either, it’s music projects and friends that take me to different places and I welcome that. As a songwriter, it’s important to experience the world, so I can write about it. 

What role is Ibiza playing in your future?
I love the creative energy on the island. It seems to me that Ibiza is a nurturing and transformational place, especially for artistic and free souls. I can’t say how much time I will spend on the island for the years to come. The music also takes me on tours a lot. I hold a special place in my heart for Ibiza and my friends who live here on the island, so I hope to come back soon. My ideal place to live here would be in an apartment where I can adjust the temperature to my liking and dive into my creative universe.  

When you are here, where do you go? What are your favorite places? Where can we see you perform? 
My favourite thing to do is to spend time with my friends, have dinner, and explore the island together. The wom radio café in Santa Eulària is my go to place to meet people or work from my laptop. I performed there last year and hope to do it again very soon. The vibe there is amazing.

You are a co-creator of the Black Mountain Collective. What is this?
The Black Mountain Collective is a small festival happening in Alpnach, in the heart of Switzerland. I always wanted to create a festival and my friend Greg had the same dream. So when my father offered to share his farmland, we found a place for it and launched it that same year. Next month will be the third edition and we are in full on preparation mode to host another epic 3-day bubble of magic moments.

Chorus to her new single „Leave in Love“: 
“I will never forget the way you love, and god knows the universe is big enough, for a love like ours to be home.” 
Textline „Leave in Love“: 
“Golden hours of our time, may you follow into the light, Stormy weather I will always know the teacher in you”



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