Chris Zippel meets… Lorenzo Melissari: “My only work is defending my free time!“

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Lorenzo Melissari is a photographer from Reggio Calabria in Italy, living since 20 years in ibiza and is specialized in underwater and erotic photography.

Lorenzo Melissari 7C6A6159 Chris Zippel & Lorenzo Melissari. Foto: Lorenzo Melissari

I followed his art already for a while and wanted to know more about this uber gifted, humble and cool guy. We met at Talamanca Beach.

You describe yourself as a “Mermaids & Mermen – Hunter” :), what is this about ?
Lorenzo Melissari: Yes, being a Mermaid hunter is absolutely my dream job.
Living in Ibiza is already a privilege, but being surrounded underwater by these mythological creatures is something supernatural. I believe in magic and thanks to my camera I can prove that magic exists.

Lorenzo Melissari Simona Siclari Foto: Lorenzo Melissari (Model: Simona Siclari)

What is your story, how did you become a photo artist and why are you not living in Roma or Berlin?
Lorenzo Melissari: I fell in love with Photography when I was young, but it took time before I became an actual photographer. I have been very lucky right from the start, shooting for fashion weeks all over the world, from London to Rio de Janeiro, with beautiful models like Gisele Bündchen and Cara Delevingne in front of my camera.
Regarding my artistic photography I feel very satisfied discovering and expressing myself with underwater photography.

Here my Italian background comes out and sometimes I feel a bit like Botticelli and Caravaggio, but please keep this a secret.:) I’m not a big city person and in Ibiza I found my dimensions.

Lorenzo Melissari Roxy Patri Lopez Foto: Lorenzo Melissari (Models: Roxy Patri & Lopez)

You have a project called @ibiza.erotica which features gegorgeous sensual photography. Is this a fetich or a fable? And how / where do you find the models?
Lorenzo Melissari: Oh yes Ibiza Erotica was definitely my favorite project in the past year. It’s growing so fast in such a short time. To call the people in front of my camera “models” is reductive, they are muses and an integral part of my project. I don’t choose them, we attract each other. Erotism is seduction and I love seductive people.

Lorenzo Melissari Merche Domot 2 Foto: Lorenzo Melissari (Model: Merche Domot)

Are you a nightlife person? Where do you go?
Lorenzo Melissari: Honestly I party only if I have to work or to support my friends’ events. Only when I travel to Berlin I turn into a nightlife person. It’s the only place in the entire world where I love to party. Especially the kinky scene, which is where I met some of my best friends that are now involved in my Ibiza projects. I love daytime party at Las Dalias as Ethereal, chilling at Sa Trinxa, or enjoying Elements at Benirras. Pikes definitely has a sexy vibe with the Flash events. ( Also I keep an eye at Octan Club (, who claims to bring back the Ibiza club culture and underground scene, opening this summer.

Lorenzo Melissari Caro Ortiz Blanquiblack Foto: Lorenzo Melissari (Model: Caro Ortiz & Blanquiblack)

Is ibiza heading the right direction to live here or is it difficult?
Lorenzo Melissari: Living in Ibiza is beautiful but not easy for everyone. It’s a strong island with a complex personality and its own rules. But living here is the best love story of my life.

What are you doing in your free time?
Lorenzo Melissari: My life is all about free time. My only work is defending my free time. I’m lucky enough at the moment to constantly do what I like with people who I like.
My favorite place is Salinas. I know almost every inch of that place, the small beaches between Sa Trinxa and Es Cavallet are breathtaking. And the underwater landscape is coming straight from another dimension. The shape of the rock, the poseidonia, the white sand and the fish. All that is incredible. I love Benirras in the north, too, with its small community of people near the fishermen houses.

Lorenzo Melissari Blanquiblack Aleejaarestrepoo Foto: Lorenzo Melissari (Model: Blanquiblack & Aleejaarestrepoo)

You use drones and take photographs underwater.. what is coming next?
Lorenzo Melissari: Yes and soon we will release a fantastic multimedia project with Cavalli Ibiza ( combining drone footage, underwater photography and music ❤️ ! Stay tuned.

What makes a good photo ?
Lorenzo Melissari: The story behind the picture is really important. What is your vision, your message, why did you decide to put your spotlight on something and not something else. The rest is all about a harmony of shapes and colors.

Lorenzo Melissari Caro Ortiz Foto: Lorenzo Melissari (Model: Caro Ortiz)
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